Community Events

Great connections are gold. Back in 2017 we organised our first delegation of New Zealand SaaS companies to the annual SaaStr conference in the USA. The valuable connections that we made, and a need to maintain and grow those connections, sparked the start of our kiwiSaaS community. Today, the community connects regularly through our many events and activities.

kiwiSaaS - Need to know

kiwiSaaS 'Need to Know' Series

Essential, short and punchy learning sessions run by experienced SaaS practitioners and hosted by Brett Roberts, our kiwiSaaS Community Director. The kiwiSaaS 'Need to Know' Webinar equips SaaS entrepreneurs with the critical ‘survival’ skills needed to tackle big business challenges such as attracting talent, data security and business scaling.

Excellent talk and perfect for the stage of our company and my own career path
Ben Gracewood sessions: ‘Ben is awesome – I enjoyed listening to his real-life experiences at Vend. It’s been valuable.’
Really informative, thank you team!
kiwiSaaS - Local Chapters

kiwiSaaS Local Chapters

We all know that working in SaaS can feel lonely at times and opportunities to network exclusively with like-minded SaaS people are rare, particularly in the regions. Register to attend your next local Local Chapter meetup - and make sure you've joined our kiwiSaaS community so you'll be notified of future meetups in your area. The gatherings are relaxed with plenty of time to chat and to share ideas on topics such as supporting local SaaS talent growth.

Kiss My SaaS Byte My SaaS

Kiss My SaaS, Byte My SaaS

Kiss My SaaS and Byte My SaaS are peer-to-peer learning experiences hosted by NZTE. Meet with local SaaS professionals in roles similar to your own, to problem solve and learn from one another. Our small group sessions are organised according to your SaaS company size to ensure discussions remain relevant to your business needs.

Southern SaaS

New Zealand’s annual gathering for Software-as-a-Service practitioners.

Save the date for next year's event:
12 March 2024 at Auckland's Cordis Hotel

This year's programme featured thought-provoking speakers, seriously actionable workshops, and opportunities to collaborate with SaaS peers. Our exciting morning line-up of local and international speakers was hosted by Q+A’s Jack Tame. In the afternoon, attendees tackled an issue relevant to their business in one of our instructor-led, hands-on workshops.

Great conference, so much learning... and of a really high quality. Keep it up for next year, I will definitely be back.
The value [of the event] to the NZ tech industry must be huge… We are learning from each other and this avoids the traps we can fall into.
One of the best events I have been to. Better than SaaStr in San Francisco.

Annual SaaStr Delegations

The event that started it all, our annual pilgrimage to the US SaaStr Annual conference.

This page will be updated when details of upcoming SaaStr delegations are confirmed.

I’m still processing it all! It’s going to take a few weeks for us to work out how to implement some of the things we’ve learnt here – it’s exciting and inspiring!
It’s great having new ways to think about problems that we are facing in our business right now. I’ve learnt some really actionable insights around pricing and customer problem discovery that we can apply as soon as we get home.
I’ve come away with a set of steps and a set of benchmarks to work from to know if I’m on the right track with my business.
Two people talking at SaaS event

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