Our Charter

Community Purpose

Our kiwiSaaS community exists to make software-as-a-service the highest yield economic sector in New Zealand. We build capability for our membership of SaaS business founders, employees, board members, investors, and broader stakeholders. We do this by connecting people, resources and investment, and by creating a shared identity, the exchange of knowledge, bonded experiences, and a sense of belonging for our members. This is to enable our SaaS companies in Aotearoa to grow sustainably and to grow faster for the benefit of all of New Zealand.

Our Goal
We will grow our kiwiSaaS community to include at least 500 participating SaaS companies and 5,000 individual members. By this time, the information contributed by our community will enable us to target and track metrics which aren’t currently available, helping us to work collaboratively with government to enable New Zealand’s SaaS sector to reach its full potential as: 

  • A leading export earner.
  • A key source of high paying jobs for more New Zealanders, creating wealth opportunities across the nation.
  • A key source of career opportunities for all New Zealanders, particularly under-represented groups such as women, Māori and Pasifika.

kiwiSaaS is a good fit if you:

Are working, or have worked, in a company with software-as-a-service (SaaS) as its business model. This includes fractional providers (e.g. vCMO's, VCTO's.) The company you work for may not yet have gone to market or may be pre-revenue, but it is already registered in New Zealand. People who are actively investing in NZ SaaS companies are also welcome to join the kiwiSaaS community.

Are prepared to participate in our community – to ask questions, practice pitches, throw around ideas, and honestly share your challenges without fear of being judged or rejected. This includes freely sharing and receiving feedback (which may sometimes challenge your initial way of thinking).

Recognise and respect the privacy of others in our community, ensuring that information shared with you ‘behind closed doors’ stays confidential, and trusting that others will respect your privacy too.

Value diversity and engage with all members of our community regardless of their backgrounds, ideas and appearance.

Will be a strong advocate for the kiwiSaaS brand and encourage others to join if you think they may benefit from being part of our community.

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