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What is kiwiSaaS?

It just takes the right people, a computer and an internet connection to start up a SaaS company. But growing a globally-focused SaaS business can be challenging. It can be tough scaling one alone.

Inside our kiwiSaaS community you will find others like you. People with a common purpose who are determined and willing to put in the hard yards. Our members know that their chances of success are higher if they can learn and grow together.

Our community is free to join and it’s where we can safely share our knowledge and experiences with each other. Paying it forward is what drives kiwiSaaS growth.

Why join kiwiSaaS?

kiwiSaaS is owned, led and driven by its members. Since 2017 we’ve been regularly connecting members through our range of events: the annual ‘Southern SaaS’ conference, guided delegations of NZ SaaS companies to SaaStr in the US, our monthly ‘kiwiSaaS Learning series,’ and our ‘Kiss My SaaS’ and ‘Byte My SaaS’ peer-to-peer networking experiences.

Why join kiwiSaaS

But we're just getting started!

In 2022 we plan to take our community to the next level. With your involvement, we want to make kiwiSaaS a community driven by insights and data.

kiwiSaaS community

What's our ‘end game’?

The SaaS sector is relatively new and has not been recognised separately from the rest of the ‘ICT,’ ‘High Tech’ or ‘Tech’ industry. We need to change this by:

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Creating an identity or ‘single source of truth’ for the SaaS sector. By contributing, anonymising and aggregating our business data, kiwiSaaS members can start to tell our story about the value and growth that SaaS contributes to New Zealand’s economy.

Strong data will inform all elements of the kiwiSaaS community project.

What does our future community look like?

Our plan for the coming months is to deliver more ways to meaningfully connect all New Zealand SaaS businesses, so we can help grow our SaaS sector as a whole.

We plan to introduce a private online community where kiwiSaaS members can connect 24/7 to safely share ideas, ask for advice or investor recommendations, gain constructive feedback on projects, and securely upload and analyse their own performance data.

Insights from our community will help us to connect you with like-minded people who are best placed to help you on your learning journey. You’ll have access to a range of online and in-person networking opportunities tailored to your individual needs – saving you time and leaving none of your connections to chance.

What does our future community look like

In our online community you will be able to:

Tap into your own private and secure SaaS benchmarking dashboard to learn how your business benchmarks against others at the same stage of growth. Gain insights into what SaaS ‘best practice’ looks like and focus your scaling efforts with the support of other community members who can share their ‘maths of SaaS’ knowledge with you.

Stay updated on SaaS job opportunities in your region, and post your own job ads. Our member surveys will also keep you updated on the average salary rates for different SaaS roles within New Zealand.

Join a local chapter – we’ll be providing like-minded members with the tools and support they need to find, meet up and join forces with other tech people in their local area that are exclusively SaaS focused.

Access the most useful SaaS content available - as recommended by your peers. Save yourself time and effort trawling the web for the best articles on a SaaS topic by visiting our curated content library. You’ll also have free access to recordings of our past kiwiSaaS Learning sessions, the exciting new 2022 kiwiSaaS Webinar series, and other content requested by our members.

We'll also be creating

Online peer-to-peer networking

Online peer-to-peer networking

Our new optional Orbiit ‘match-making’ service connects you with other kiwiSaaS members who are in similar roles and businesses to your own - for online networking, mentoring and manager training opportunities. You are 'matched' based on your common SaaS interest areas and role attributes, so your conversations are always on point.

New SaaS events to meet the needs of our community:

Walking tours of the New Zealand SaaS sector for founders and executives, decision-makers, and influencers interested in seeing established kiwiSaaS operations in action. These guided tours will offer plenty of insights into how these businesses have structured their highly functional SaaS teams and nurtured a productive company culture.

A ‘Grown Ups’ Kiss My SaaS networking event for late stage SaaS companies with $10+m ARR and above. This event will provide an unique opportunity to delve into the maths and metrics that drive established SaaS growth.

SaaS Academy

In the future we also hope to establish a New Zealand SaaS training school to deliver vocational upskilling and founder ‘soft skills’ education on topics identified by our members. This initiative will require funding and strong endorsement from this SaaS community.

SaaS academy
A large group at a SaaS event

This is your community, your chance to have a voice. Join us!