Growth Mindset – How to build a $1 billion business

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November 25, 2021

Online presentation – Thursday, 18 November 2021

Presented by business powerhouse, Linda Jenkinson, the latest session in our kiwiSaaS Learning series provided practical advice on how to scale startups into $1 billion global enterprises. Drawing from her own experiences, Linda talked about the essential strategies, mindset, governance and leadership skills that startups need to turn new ventures into global success stories.

Here’s some feedback from those that attended:

  • "Stories are powerful and inspiring which is so helpful to entrepreneurs wherever they are on their journey."
  • "It was extremely inspiring and has opened my mind to be even more ambitious!"
  • "It helped me change my mindset"

View the full kiwiSaaS Learning session below. An online library of other past kiwiSaaS Learning events will be made available to our community members in 2022.

Group discussion at SaaS event

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